by Jenova Project

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The instrumentals were originally recorded between 2007-2009, however the vocals were not recorded until 2015, with this year also being the year of it's first public release.

The album acts as a prelude to the Dystopia album, showing a personal reflection of the character, theProphet's, inner transformation that he had to undergo as he walks through this technologically superior, but morally depreciated world, preparing himself for a mission so great and paramount to the fate of mankind, that he himself would not realize the true nature of it's destination, or the consequences of his actions in pursuing it. This is as tale of a man haunted by his past, wracked by guilt, and surrounded by a world that is celebrating in it's own moral decay. Consider these songs to be reflections on a spiritual transformation, brought upon by "little entities" that work magick far beyond the comprehension of most mortal entities, including even theProphet the time of his first contact.


released May 4, 2015

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

Artwork digitally modified by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Released in partnership with The Infidel Netwerk artist, musician, and philosopher collective:

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Jenova Project Langley, British Columbia

Jenova Project has been around since 2005, going through many incarnations and band lineups. However the only stable and consistent member has been theProphet, who has dictated the vision and story of the project since the beginning. Detailing an epic story that takes place over billions of years, it all starts with a journey to save the human species... leading to all of mankind's eventual doom. ... more

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Track Name: The Departure
Everywhere that I look,
I see your face,
There and there again,
Haunting every dream,
Haunting every vision,
You're always on my mind,
Paralyzing my heart,
Stealing away my soul,
This vision I’ve lost control.

Oh how that I love you,
Oh how I know I shouldn't,
But I am bound here,
Oh, I am bound here to you
In this absolution.

Fear is what keeps me blinded,
Closed away from true embrace,
Fear of all that I will loose,
Fear of all that I risk to gain.

Every step that I take you are there,
Every thought I think you appear,
I am never safe from the ghost of you,
I am never safe from the haunting memories,
The memories of what could have been,
The memories of what should never have been,
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh!!! The memories.

I always leave my life behind,
In my pursuit of you,
I always loose everything,
In this endless game of cat and mouse,
Never will I be the same,
After that one fateful night,
Where everything,
Where everything I change.

I know I can't love you,
I’ll never know your touch
But you are trapped in my mind,
And I am withering in your embrace,
Trapped in this palace of decay.

Fear is what keeps me blinded,
Closed away from your embrace,
Fear of all that I will loose,
Fear of all that I will gain.
Track Name: Shadowalker
This coffin is my home,
The only one I was destined to know,
But now I’ve got to be alive
Now much more than ever,
I am the shadowalker, drifting,
Among this darkness,
It consumed me so long ago.

In this cocoon of shadows,
It's where I lay,
This is where I stay
My final resting place.

Left, cold as ice,
In an open sea,
Drifting aimlessly,

How was I supposed to survive?
Was I to curl up and die?
Or find something inside of me
I’d die if I tried to hide
So in the end I became the tide

Like a shadow drifting across the sea

I became the endlessly
I am the shadow
I am the walker
I am
The Shadowalker
Track Name: After Dark
This is where the blood falls,
Slowly dripping off these walls,
Falling into something,
Becoming out of nothing,
Do we even belong here?
Should we even keep going?

How can I move forwards,
When there is no direction,
How can I learn to love,
When there's nothing facing me,

I am just animal, living caged
In my dream, that I created for myself
What do we really know? Except to put on this show
Will we be distracted for eternity
This place of our own illusions

We wear the mask, we beat the drum
But can we find our place?, What does it all mean
When will it all finally come crashing down all around us

Give it all up, and watch it fall down,
Crumble into tiny pieces,
Lost and never found,
I don't even think you could drown,
Hope is the problem,
Cause when your dead there's none,
But I gave up my soul,
For a chance with this gun.

Am I the unholy son?
It was good, it was bad,
But things could have been fine,
I know what your fetish is,
If only you fucking knew mine.

Words are never quite enough,
I swear I baby won't be to rough,
Put it to the temple,
Oh baby please don't be gentle,
Cold steel pressed to the dome,
It fucking ringing so close to home,
The unfolding of my destiny.
Track Name: We All Fall
Falsifications in the name of proselytization,
Imagine the crime, and they'll find a justification,
We have worked ourselves into this oblivion,
Where we discard our children, and ignore the opinion,
Of anything that threatens to stop our endless devouring generational machine.

Cause on Judgement Day,
We look our best this way,
Looking from a cross,
At a loss, what to say.

We always try to take more then what we need,
And now the gates are falling down,
We are all getting ready for the flood, let's drown,
Is this world worth saving,
Or will the gods their justice for us misbehaving.

Sip the cup, taste the blood,
We were always one with the mud,
Put on the cloak, wear the hood,
Get ready to summon the ancient flood,
For we all return to the sea of Flesh,
Where the gods plucked us from the depths fresh,
From the dark and murky place in abyss,
Our life was breathed with a divine kiss,
Part of design, we were all from behind,
The veil of the Void of the grand design.

Burning up as you hit the clouds,
Your bountifulness was never abound,
Will your temples scatter like the crows,
Under the weight of what you just don't know,
Wallow in your pit, covet the truth,
Cause underneath your skin is a sleuth,
The tricksters wrath diminishes consent,
For on judgement day we cannot have descent.
Track Name: d3ad 3yes
If I gave myself another chance,
Wouldn't I just dig another hole,
Deeper until I'm just breaking the same old ground,
I know what I have become,
The murkyness in my soul

I can never ever be tamed,
If only I knew how
Then maybe, oh maybe I wouldn’t be here
In my own failures
Burning in my own mistakes
This all I know
This paradise of agony

This is where I was born,
In the shadows of my own potential,
Forever grasping to dreams never to be followed...

Hold me down and let me bleed
There's so much I want, but so little I need
I've had my fill of this finest wine
And now I should let someone else dine
You could say I'm young, but only in age
I've turned quite a few of these god damn pages
And now I’m done, now I’m done
Track Name: Bonesnapper
Behold O’ spirit in my presence
I give you with this offering
A meager mortal creation
To be given at this altar
My deformities and calamities
Wide open and gaping
I tear the head off my Ego’s form
And feast off the nectar of it’s vein
The light I shall shed will be glorious

Pain is simple, not knowing is torture,
If you want to get the key,
You must travel the hidden path,
Into the sanctuary of my mind

For the divine is only witness
To the truths of form
So channel the purity
And absorb the wisdom

To find the truth
We are just the consequences
Of the rhythm of the mind
Living in our own fantasy
Simple nervous designs
But can I put them behind me
Why can’t I just,
Put it behind me
Put it behind me

Will I let them keep me?
From the things that I desire
Or I will take control
Let nothing stop me
When I let go
I will be free
When I let go
From your design
And take hold of my potential
I will take hold of my fate
I will become the thing you hate
I will become the Bonesnapper

No longer standing before men
Taken by an angel of of the seventh seal
He who spoke of holy communion
Hath found righteousness
But no mercy in his words
We are now slaves of the visions he brings
The visions of the tainted future we now know
Track Name: The Soulless
Little thoughtless entities,
Perpetual enemies,
Does it mattter when it's all gone,
You'll never be quite so strong.

Walk out the door, oh so cold,
Into a world covered in ash.
Just remember, we are all souless my friend,
Stealing from the stolen.

Oh does it matter when we're not free,
Is this what we were meant to be?
Not quite sure what we’ve become,
As they find themselves deep within.

Whatever you dream they will become
Whatever you believe they will steal away
Playing the like the shadows from behind,
They follow my from the corner of my eye,
But how can be sure they’re even there.

Oh does it matter when we're not free,
Is this what we were meant to be?
Not quite sure what I've become,
As they find themselves deep within.

I watch them from the corner of my eye,
Always present, from behind
I can see them, I know you can't,
The souls, the shells, the faceless entities.

Fluttering one by one into the sun,
Like hollow little fallen angels,
Never quite all there,
Looking for a shell to call home.

Oh does it matter when we're not free,
Is this what we were meant to be?
Not quite sure what I've become,
As they find themselves deeper within.

I know I was born to die,
So I keep on getting high,
I know I was born to die,
Is this sinking or flying,
Am I one step away from dying,
Am I one step away from dying.
Track Name: A New Beginning
Dreams come so quick to an end,
All of these feelings, no where to send.
Gave away all that is left of me,
Just to repeat this broken history.
The same routine, the same mistake,
I didn’t know until it was to late,

Freedom comes at a price of pain,
Nothing will ever be the same,
We fix the future but there's always the past,
Creeping, crawling, and always to fast.

I didn't know where to go,
I didn't know how to be,
I lost my heart, but you wouldn't see, wouldn’t dream.

Why do I return to this palace
Of this broken innocence, lost sanity,
I can barely feel anything,
Can I break through this wall I have created.

An open wound, and open sore, that won't close,
Opening a door of decay, into my soul.

Shed the skin of hate and deceit,
Time to look for some fresh meat,
The only answer is to cut, cut cut
Hopeless… Innocence… Oblivion...

Bleeding so long, only god knows,
Things are never quite as they seem,
One day you will know what I mean,
When I say this was a mistake,
Instead of giving we chose to take,
Where is the future when we've taken everything?
Only desolte emptiness... nothing....