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The album depicts the tale of the Shadowalker, after he has completed his transition from a Souless Wanderer to the all-mighty Bonesnapper. Unsure of his true reflection at this point, and haunted by the memories of his past, he must traverse a new and dangereous world of mental and spiritual awareness that leaves him host to the predatory, yet insightful, wrath of various spirits and demons. Both haunting him, and giving him wisdom and knowledge, theProphet must learn to discern which of these Spirits he wishes to work with, and which he must banish, all so he can complete his goal of becoming an Alchemical G-d!


released January 8, 2016

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

The artwork was created by Bailee F. You can find her diverse portfolio here:

Released through The Infidel Netwerk musician, artist, and philosopher collective:

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Jenova Project Langley, British Columbia

Jenova Project has been around since 2005, going through many incarnations and band lineups. However the only stable and consistent member has been theProphet, who has dictated the vision and story of the project since the beginning. Detailing an epic story that takes place over billions of years, it all starts with a journey to save the human species... leading to all of mankind's eventual doom. ... more

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Track Name: The Band
Sleep with one eye open,
A knife in my hand,
It's a privilige not a right,
To be in this band,

I stand alone here in this place,
Not sure if it's peace or pain,
This world of insight and mystery,
Where there's so much to gain,

Look, what is it that you see?
Everywhere there is complexity,
Yet we stand against all the light,
And we live another day to fight.

Open your eyes, we are not alone,
We rest here on this planet,
But what have we been given?
We know so little, yet we take so much,
But does it really matter at all?
As we slowly wonder, when is the fall?

Feelings will turn into objects,
Growing wings and to evolve,
Into this world of imagination,
That we've began to behold.

Keep strong my little friend,
This world won't suddenly end,
Things take time to heal,
But we'll make our dreams real!
Track Name: Deceit
I lie to you, as you lay with me,
In our perfect simplicity,
We have a routine of deceit,
The only expectation I can meet,
Knives drawn behind our backs,
Ready to bring upon the end,
With such fierce dignity,
Even in the purest of vicinity.

What can I be taken for?
I am not your dirty whore,
Why do you think that you get to
Have the right to take me apart.

I wanted to lie with you,
Don't you understand,
I would have died for you,
Can't you believe me.
I would have done anything,
I would been your everything,
But now it’s to late,
For this love song to sing.

Sitting here by the phone,
Waiting for your dreaded call,
All I want is the pain of your voice,
This ending I know I can'tv stall,
Freedom is not the answer to this choice,,
I gave my soul for your control.
I thought you'd make me whole,
And now I pay the price of my deceit.

Our fates were sealed when we met
We signed our soul on this massive bet
I lied to you, you lied to me,
And now in the ruins we must be,
The final price we will pay,
For the choices that we made that day,
This is not a game, this is reality,
We must start treating it the way,
This is not just another fantasy,
When we wake up, will everything be torn away
Track Name: Graveyard
We are all beings caught in the winds of change
Left to understand a world that doesn’t obstain
From any depravity, indulgence, or sick fantasy
Where no matter the cost, we find a way to pay

These scars don't define me,
But they tell a story of sin,
Cause I have bathed in ecstasy,
And payed for it in shame,
But I am the only one to blame,
Now I'm on the ground,
No hopes to be found,
Only endless dreams,
Where in the end I drown.

Caught in this whirlwind of desire
I just wish I could see past falsity
As I slowly sink higher and higher
I begin to see my complacency...

I've been given another chance,
So I won't throw it away,
Like I always do, like I always do,
I've been given this chance,
I will not fall, I will not fail myself,
It's time for something new.

Let's feed the dragon inside of me,
I cannot hide from this sobriety,
This beast cannot be controlled
Don’t try to follow, you will not hold.

My eyes on the focus keep on the game,
Your life will never be the same,
Acceptance is the only thing,
That keeps you alive when you are nothing,
Track Name: Mime
Freedom comes at a price,
Far to steep to pay efficiently,
Your life is the final price,
And in your damnation,
All that is becomes sealed.

The severed footsteps of the divine,
They track through mud less waters,
Playing games with our mortality,
Torture the existence at hand.

Never has a choice been so simple,
Yet so immensely difficult to take,
It's all within our eternal grasps,
But at what price does our soul pay?

The feverish warriors of servitude,
The tales that they dread to tell,
And at what price do their souls pay,
And at what price do their souls pay.

The toxicity that immortality ensues,
Oh how the temptation is great,
Prying at my very mortal existence,
The though never escaping my mind.

With death knocking at my door,
The last chance for eternal damnation,
The path of immortality,
For the price of eternal pain,
The choice remains mine.

Never has a choice been so simple,
Yet so immensely difficult to take,
It's all within our eternal grasps,
But at what price does our souls pay?
Track Name: My Sweet Gehenna
My sweet Gehenna, a paradise of Desire
Have you finally met the nightmare?
The sacrifice; the innocence
The bloody ritual continued from long ago
Our children were the first bloody pawns
In these ritual invocations

To the damned; To the wretched
How do we resolve ourselves?
Consumed, created, bottled and sold
By the Preacher's who claim to speak to our Gods of old

This was always the battleground
We were all destined to be warriors inside
There's something worth striving fgor
For we were built on the shallow

Even if in the end, we're all gonna die
Is this just our curse? To always try
For something that we never could have really ever had,
Were we just wrapped in our oblivion,
The only god we know is Illusion,
So forgive our own intrusion.

In the name of salvation, we will all be consumed
Trapped to be born in a world of sinners and failures
Eternally searching, salvation, just out of reach
Always falling back into the arms of greed
Track Name: Paranormal (ft M-Fap)
You look at us,
Pale reflection,
Lost amongst the masses,
Feeding off of your messiah,
We are so different,
Yet oh so very close,
Predatory instincts,
Not far from home.

Is our laughter so cold,
When you feed on violence,
And we only sustain,
You look for pleasure in agony,
While we search for survival,
How close are we?
While we search for our survival,
We see how far away we are

Separated by a sense of desire,
Separated by a sense of passion,
We are but the ones,
That you wish you could be,
To good to be human…
To good to be anything else
Oh yes... to good to be human,
We’re fucking paranormal

The cold embrace that we succumb,
Is not a path of the chosen,
Your path of fulfillment and sin,
Is a path to be chosen,
A path to be enjoyed,
To good to be human...
Oh yes... to good to be human…
To good to be fucking human...
Oh yes… Oh yes…

Specters, deflectors, a mockery of illumination
We’re growing up in a catatonic generation
With their shadowy selves feeding the demons of tomorrow
We gotta check for those who wish to borrow
Cause these soul suckers will take everything away
If we let them, so we gotta protect ourselves every day,
Cause Heaven and hell, and everything in between,
It's all the same, don't you know what I mean,
We’re living here with the demons right now,
Our whole life is god damn Paranormal,
So put on your tin foil hat, and set up your pentacle,
Or else possession might become your next obstacle.
Track Name: Screamer
Don't want to open the eyes,
To the day that I despise,
These broken eyes have seen to many lies.

I walk this dark road,
Trapped in this lonely mode,
Do you know what I mean?
I just want to scream!

I gave it all up for a second chance,
But I don't even really remember,
It's all fading so quickly,
Into this darkest december,
There was a point in time,
But now it's all fading away,
Sometimes I don't even know the day...
Does it even really matter.

I can't keep going on much longer,
I don't just how much stronger,
I gotta be to conquer this war,
That I don't know what I'm fighting for,
I can only defend myself for so long,
Until I realize I wrong along,
So I turn my back and walk away,
Nothing can keep me from this new day,
Oh nothing will keep me,
As I walk into my own grave,
As I finally find the end,
To this wretched story,.