Master EP

by Jenova Project

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We all yearn for our place in this world, and almost more importantly in this universe. What is the place of humanity in this seemingly endless senselessness and chaos that we must participate? Through curiosity and arrogance, we have attempted to articulate a vision of the world, concocted from the deluded ravings and interpretations of psychedelic voyages from our most committed psychonauts. But do the divine gleanings of madmen equal unquestionable providence?

Released through The Infidel Netwerk musician, artist, and philosopher collective:

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released March 2, 2019

Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, mastering, and picture editing, by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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Jenova Project Langley, British Columbia

Jenova Project has been around since 2005, going through many incarnations and band lineups. However the only stable and consistent member has been theProphet, who has dictated the vision and story of the project since the beginning. Detailing an epic story that takes place over billions of years, it all starts with a journey to save the human species... leading to all of mankind's eventual doom. ... more

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Track Name: Bastard Messiah
Mother Mary I see into your eyes,
A passionate obsession,
To keep the secret at bay,
Even at the cost,
Of two millennia’s deceit,
Do you condemn yourself so readily?
Earning a place in the hell you so preach.

You sleep with the sheep,
Deflowered off your innocence,
In the very place you will lay,
The tearstains streak across your cheeks
Fears compels deception
The bastard messiah
Will be born.

Immaculate conception,
The perfection deception,
Claim the child of god,
You wander on
Preachers clinging
Like a solemn echoing
Of fading relevance

But now the opportunity has arisen
An age of depravity draws near
One just needs to fall into the fear
Of a coming apocalypse

Ignorance and lies,
Brought him your faith,
Wreckoning from our holiest of sons
For every stake placed in
Another shall strike your very heart
No deception goes without stain
Your mark has already been made
Endings are only beginnings
The greatest blindfold has been set
Track Name: Left-Hand Path
Focus on a list of demands
Re-occupy what was once your land
Provide the reason, incentive to return
To a way of living where we all earn
Our chance at freedom, chance at respect
Not this world where money's your best bet
Do you wanna be a wolf, or do you wanna be sheep
There's only one title for you to keep

Pick your choice, pick it fast,
Dash to the top, try not be last
Choose the path of leading, not to follow
To ascend you must not wallow
In your own dreams never started
Follow your heart, or you should have been aborted

Dare you interrupt this plea
For my totality
I know just what I need
Master of the left-hand path
I will suffer under no man's wrath
Born under my own divine right

For I have found none worthy of my kind
Time to sacrifice, do it blind
Catastrophic agreements have led us here
In reality we were always near
Destruction was in our blood
Track Name: Burning Down The Gates Of Eden
Nothing stays perfect the way you want it
You just gotta accept that the milk has curdled
Can you taste the waste
As it permeates
With a predictive quality
Irrelevance reigns today
Accepting of temporary securities
That’s why we don’t just watch
But participate in the fury
Reckless fury
We are all savages

Abound, around
Burning down the gates of Eden
One day at a time
We fling ourselves into the pit
Practical teachings
That destroy this world
As we accept it as the norm
Superior to what? I say

We are either vacant and empty
Lost in the frenzy
I see are our failings, around and abound
Around and abound
Falling into the hurricane
Caught in the winds of dissonance
We are left to comprehend
With nothing but empty hands
Collapse to the ground
Shivering, now I understand
What it is we have left behind
Only after the flood
My mortal toil is undone
How could have I not seen
Track Name: Master
Shut me up, tell me I'm a lie,
Tell me that I'm just destined to die,
I wanna fall, I wanna fall for you,
Get lost in your ectacy
As you whip runs across me
Feel the pain as I twitch to the beat,
Could even the devil compete?
As we strip our wills of sanity,
I will let you get the best of me.

Suffering! It's what I do
Master, you know this is true
Now is not time for rest
I promise I will do my best
Beat me down, tell I'm dirt,
That's what I want to hear,
Strip me of my dignity,
I know you will get the best of me.

Cold sweat, I hit the floor,
Don't know if I can do this anymore,
You beg to let me go
Get up off my knees,
Look in your eyes, what do you see,
I know there's a place I wanna go,
So you bring me back down below.

Suffering! It's what I do
Master, you know this is true
Now is not time for rest
I promise I will do my best
Beat me down, tell I'm dirt,
That's what I want to hear,
Strip me of my dignity,
I know you will get the best of me.
Track Name: Religious Experience
I'm high on a experience
I'm up farther than the stars
There's nothing more freeing then believing
You just have to take part
In the transformational litany
How I wish to depict thee
High up on a cross for my sins
Everyday is a new story
Push away all my worries

Can't forget, don't want to
Just have to pass it off to
The next higher institution
Like a cosmic eraser
A word here, a thought there
I don't need to stop, just obey
At least when you’re looking anyway

Radiant in the absolution
This my destitution
In the end, never have to care
I know how I’ll fare
Followers of a loss of reason
Why do you think we all be believing?
Acceptance eternally
Write the cheques,
Cross our hearts
Let us do our parts
Track Name: Beyond Definition
Waking up on a mountainside,
Like I don't already know,
The cruel destination I seek,
Never getting to meet,
The truth, when you can only see the clouds,
There is nothing to save you now
What is there to be living for
How much longer can I hold this down
This pain that resides deep within
How much longer I can hide

From the inevitable
Crashing down the waves of paradise
It all an illusion

Watch me disappear
Into the obscure,
I am not the one you once loved,
I walk alone on this road,
Like I feel, I know I am not the god I once was
Before this destruction of the disease
Eventually you will see
The monster inside of me!
These wounds I wear go to deep to heal

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