by Jenova Project

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A collaboration album between theProphet & Tom Musik entitled "Dystopia".

Set in the year 2136, the final year before the apocalypse that is Z Day, theProphet having completed the transitions from the Shadowalker trials is getting ready for his final mission. This album could be considered his transitory musings on the nature of the world that he currently inhabits. What is it truly like to be in a future where technology, stimulation, and artifice comprises more and more of our waking hours? Would it be a cocktail dream of bliss? Or would we be locked into a silent nightmare? These are the questions that theProphet must ask himself, before the time of Judgement begins.

The instrumentals were originally recorded in 2007-2009, however the vocals were not recorded until 2015, with this year also being the year of it's first public release.

Released in partnership with The Infidel Netwerk artist, musician, and philosopher collective:

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released September 24, 2015

Songs were instrumentally composed and mixed by Matt "theProphet" Smith and Tom Musik in 2007-2009
Songs were remastered and had vocals added in 2015 by Matt "theProphet" smith



all rights reserved


Jenova Project Langley, British Columbia

Jenova Project has been around since 2005, going through many incarnations and band lineups. However the only stable and consistent member has been theProphet, who has dictated the vision and story of the project since the beginning. Detailing an epic story that takes place over billions of years, it all starts with a journey to save the human species... leading to all of mankind's eventual doom. ... more

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Track Name: The Reaper
I wanted to be part of the solution
Who knew it would be genocide
Just pawns of a grand absolutions
We were angels of homicide
There was no room to deny
We were the devil in disguise

I'd rather you be six feet under
Then have all of us to be drowned
Why let us suffer, just so you can survive

I just wanted to be the hero
Then I went from there to zero
Before I could even save the world
Who knew I had such grand intentions

Existence is not the same as living
You can breathe without doing anything
So why take up our all air, when it's so precious to have

Someone has to be the hero
It was never me afterall
I wore the mask of the reaper
You said I was the fall

I'm sick of us sinking deeper
Time to break down this wall
Founded on entitlement
Fed by your inner wolf

Little did you know
It'd lead to the final solution
Burning down the world you know
Now it's your time to go
Track Name: Destiny
What do you think you need from me,
I don't know what you expect,
I'm not here to be taken advantage of,
I'm not here to be taken apart.,
I wasn't alive from the start,
I was never really,

I don't want to believe.
This is my destiny,
I don't want to believe,
That this the way it's meant to be.

I learned from you,
That things are never
When you want them to be,
We were once so perfect a reflection of a memory
We were once so pure a perfect destiny never to be

I don't want to believe.
This is my destiny,
I don't want to believe,
That this the way it's meant to be.

Things were never so beautiful,
I thought we were forever,
I learned to love you,
In ways I could never dream of,
Things were never the same,
After you fell left,
My shadow turned to ash,
I knew things could never be.
My heart turned to dust.

I don't want to believe.
This is my destiny,
I don't want to believe,
That this the way it's meant to be.

Things were so beautiful,
But then they all began to fade away,
I never wanted to live,
Without your warming touch.

I don't want to believe.
This is my destiny,
I don't want to believe,
That this the way it's meant to be,
I don't want to believe.
This is my destiny,
I don't want to believe,
That this the way it's meant to be.
Track Name: Scream
So much determination but no motivation,
Letting the blind run blind,
Hopeless services breed contempt,
Keeping us safely strapped to our seats,
Where, do we go now?
Where, are we supposed to be!
Where, do we go now?
Where, are we supposed to be!
How much longer is this going to take!

The blind, just lead the blind,
And we’re destined to all fall right to our knees,
The blind, just lead the blind,
Fall right back where we belong,
The blind, just lead the blind,
And we’re destined to all fall right to our knees,
The blind, just lead the blind,
Fall right back where we belong.

Do you wanna scream…
Do you wanna scream…
Do you wanna scream!!!

Keep me up close
where you will always see me,
Know at all times
that you have me in your grasp,
I thought I knew you
But you only were a lie,
Just like everything
I ever told myself!
I am right back where I was,
When I first started my own damnation,
Destined to repeat the hells of the years,
Cause I’m so week, I can’t call it off!
Track Name: Mirror City
Open the gates, open the gates,
Can you see my reflection,
This just a taste of my direction,

A sacred city, covered in sin,
But let me tell, where hasn't been?
We're all sinners inside,
We’re all sinners ready to hide
To sin is to live, to sin is to love
We bring the Serpent below, to the realm above

This is it, the way we feel it
The devil in our souls
As it clings for control
At the stake of our morality

We just sometimes forget how it is,
To truly live in another's shoes,
Open your heart brethren,
And we will welcome you in.

Cherish the moment, and take everything in,
We've set our sights on disaster
The grand implosion
The design built to fail
As if we were ever anything more

There is a place more beautiful than the stars,
It lies only but ahead.

We must find ourselves drawn towards,
The glowing promise beckoning,
And we will find destiny's destination in the Mirror City.
Track Name: Dystopia (Part I)
Sugar in your cereal, caffeine in your drink
All the chemicals, there’s no time to think
Cause your just second rate
You were never the best
How do you think you’re gonna be-
Come, anything!

Degeneration generation
What do you want from me
Born, but never of their kind
Never wanted
I was always left behind

The typical modern habitual
I just hate, I just breed
But I do it all because I need
More, more,
The peak of greed.

No time to breathe, just sink
The only thing attaching me is this digital link
Human interaction, second plan of action
All that I need is my flashing screens
How long did you think before it would change us all
Change the way we think, change the way we feel, from the inside out

Grown in a callous environments
Nothing but the empty emotions,
But what does anyone care anymore
Except for when the anger begins to flare
What did you think would happen
With everyone in their own cocktail dream
How long did you think efore this would all fall to tiny pieces

This whole world is going insane
Look around and you'll know what I mean
There's no denying, things are in the gutter
Can we dig ourself out of this mess
Or are we just destined to stumble
n the rubble of yesterday

We've been at this game for so long
All of us, with the rules as second thought
How long did you think we would go
Before we eventually got caught
If not by our actions, then by our assassinations
Of our own mother earth, that we so rely
Oh how we look as we party, in rave and lunacy
And watch our mother Gaia crumble and die

We're all just products
Of mass corporate adulteration
Locked in our silly chambers
Of eternal masturbation
But what did you think we were doing
With all this ego inflation
All these soul draining, life sucking things we do
As we claim superiority to all around
We are Dystopia
The God Given Nation Of Consumption
Track Name: Dystopia (Part II)
These lands were once fertile
But we have bathed in decadence for too long
We have set up the garden of Eden
And then we just let it burn
Why cannot we find a rhythm
Natural to our kingdom that we have in front of us
Instead we devote to chaos, violence and depravity

You tell us your our salvation
But you bring us our doom
You are the fucking in our room!

Mercantilist bastards I see you in your ships
Flashing your diamonds and hiding your whips

We are the ones who always pay
We are the broken from society

Ethics and etiquette remain triumphant
But in the end it'll leave our world desolate
For only stagnation comes from the quarantine of truth
For some ideals can never become more than they are
Creations of those who dream
Track Name: Feed
We put our faith in plastic cards
We revel in celebrations designed
To make us forget

Happiness can seem so elusive
When your streets are paved in blood
We bask in our illusion
Yet we are the barbarians

Strolling along the plaza
Life by the courtyard
I've only known these pleasures
From my given status card
Leisure is such a luxury
That i've been given
From the work
Of past generations

Capital and consumption
We must become the institution
Let’s go and make it an art form
Simple subtle dichotomies
Everything is in reality
So we can find beauty in the debris
Of this modern landscape