Death Of An Angel

by Jenova Project

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Fusing himself together in an alchemical creation, forged from the broken remains of shattered memories and destroyed personalities, the Bonesnapper evolves to his final, and original, form and becomes theProphet he was always destined to be. Accepting his true nature, one which was hidden inside all along; within a rapture of Gnosis the failures of mankind are revealed. Communicated to him through the ancient Spirits of the Qliphoth, the shattered hyperdimensional remains of forgotten potentials and discarded truths, a permanent bond to the anti-force has been forged within theProphet, creating the potential for the destruction that would come in his future travels.

Death Of An Angel is the third and final album in the Shadowalker trilogy, a series of albums depicting the early formative days, and in particular the spiritual evolution, of theProphet, the protagonist in all of the Jenova project concept albums.

Featuring music recorded between 2010-2011, with vocals and mixing only done in 2015-2016, this is one of many albums currently in my archives of unreleased material which I will be releasing over the rest of this year, and throughout 2017.

Released through The Infidel Netwerk musician, artist, and philosopher collective:

You can get all the latest Jenova Project / theProphet related info on our official Facebook:


released October 31, 2016

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

The artwork was created by Bailee F. You can find her diverse portfolio here:

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Jenova Project Langley, British Columbia

Jenova Project has been around since 2005, going through many incarnations and band lineups. However the only stable and consistent member has been theProphet, who has dictated the vision and story of the project since the beginning. Detailing an epic story that takes place over billions of years, it all starts with a journey to save the human species... leading to all of mankind's eventual doom. ... more

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Track Name: Cold As Night
Find me here, in a hole, where the fear draws near,
Lost in the silence, the sorrow drains us all,
Could I even really forget, my silence,
As I sit here in regret,
My mourn is deeper than the well,
As I drink my despair

Now I will sink today
Live, learn, and remember,
For it all only comes once around
It just feels as cold as night
And then it all slips away
Nothing lasts forever
We could bask in the moment
Or walk on into eternity

Simple solutions, they find and present themselves
If you just open your heart
But you just gotta close your eyes

Remembering the past to take the future,
It’s the only way to separate the layers of infinity
Wandering in the fast lane,
Wondering when you will be hit,
Falling, always falling,
But that's what I wanted anyway...
Burn a hole through these lips,
My tongue I already curse in spite,
I cannot walk on this earth,
I have already traveled the height,
No more, no more, no more to see,
I have withered once again…

Set your sights on the dream,
Know that your emotions,
Let you face your demons,
Only if you can control them,
What do you think you know anyway,
The things you want me to shout,
I can only think one way to say the things,
That I want to say,
Because, I'm one of a kind,
Blessed by the divine,
Of the unholy mind,
What do you think you know,
About my existence?
Track Name: Inhuman
I'm going to need to feel a lot more than this
If I’m gonna feel anything
I've shaken myself a little to hard

And now I'm running in circles
Does it ever feel like to you
That nothing you ever wish for
Will ever really come true

These scars, they seem so real
Even if they're not the one's on the surface
They cloud the mind with jagged ashes

Why do I feel so inhuman!
I’ve been taken apart,
I don’t even know where to start,
This the last agony!

You will not find in me
Anything that you wanna see,
You will only find
The rotting remains,
Of once shining soul
Crawling withering decaying inside
Can you see the twisted nails
As they find themselves burrowing
Into my memories

Scars, witness, memory, deception
We are all victims of possesion
Hate can only drive us so far
Yet we cling to it, rotting with the disease
Of our infection, our unholy direction
Complacency is all that we gave
To the demons that lurk within us all

Things that once
Seemed so real
Now are just distant jagged reminders
Of a world that could have been
How have I succumbed so easily
Was I always just a prey
Track Name: Death Of An Angel
You've got the silence, I've got the secrets,
You know that we're, perfectly made,
Sometimes you know, sometimes you control
But sometimes you just don't wanna behave,
I’ve found my seed
Inside of your shell,
Do not destroy the spirit
For you could be one of my kind

Willingly, acceptance, of the parasite!
Unity has been the promise!

To be part of something more
You don't realize the promise we made,
But the virus must become complete.
We said we would obey
And soon you will meet,
Everything you wish and you hate,
The combination of fear of and love,
The transcendence of spirit and form,
Perfect imperfection, our dagger toothed romance.

Life is an anchor, and we are the chosen,
But nothing was meant to be easy,
If it was it wouldn't be worth a damn,
For all our endless sacrifices,
Most are lost to wasted vices.
Let’s us hope we can rise above,
Even if only in the moment,
For every sacred moment is worth a million.
Track Name: National
Complex details controlling masses, in degress of simplicity, forcefed lies like fortitude, strengthening collectives of deceit, we watch as they fall, one by one, we watch as they fall, they are one of us, we watch as they fall, they aren't the same ! Do you understand what it means to be so fucking national, do you understand what it means to be a slave. Gave away part of me, joined the future society, mindprint barcode, just another code, waiting to become, we are all just 0's 1's. Liscene to live, no souls to give, keep going on, like a monotone song, fear the hate, fear the love, fear everything. Do you understand what it means to be so fucking national, do you understand what it means to be a slave. Silenced by our strengths, determined by weakness, becoming subhuman, bow to the master! Silenced by our strengths, determined by weakness, we are all just slaves!
Track Name: That's The Spirit Kid
The stakes keep getting higher,
At this rate we're just gonna expire,
We've played this game for far to long,
Now we'll know just how fucking strong,
We gotta be to stand for an eternity,
I know this wasn't supposed to be our destiny,
The same mistakes for all us to see,
We just keep repeating our history,
If we keep going at this rapid pace,
We'll all fall to the rat race,
If we don't understand the future to come,
But we'll pay when all is said and done.

This is a deadly path we chose,
In the name of consumer brand clothes,
We are all slaves to our own desire,
In our attempt to bring ourselves higher.

Can't stop feeling, can't stop breathing,
Cause we're all just human!
Can't stop lovin', can't stop cryin',
Cause we're all just human!

Look at your life, it's so grand,
Is that what they tell you?
They keep you locked in place,
Do you even know what's true?
We've been given all the lies,
By the the darkness in disguise,
But now we must stand and unite,
For freedom we'll take the fight!
So fuck the rest and join the crowd,
Everyone make noise be loud!

We'll take to the streets with our cries,
Time for the master's to take down the lies!
The cost we must already know,
For the effects are are beginning to show,
We will go out with freedom and glory,
They'll be telling our story!
This is the path that we have chosen.
Track Name: Trance
We are the wasters of your sympathy
The draggers on your empathy
Taking more then we could possibly return
What did you expect
We were never your best bet

The deviously disguised
You can't divert your eyes
If only you knew what you were inside

Darkened from the nocturnal prowl
Vampyric soulless energies
You find yourself so attracted
To the playfulness in my smile
But there is a darkness in my soul
My appearance is all but an illusion

Cut out of other's fallacies
I might as well be an empty vessel
If it wasn't for my cruel respite
I would be void
Nothing can keep you
From the feeling
Creeping crawling
It worms it’s way inside
I swear I’d kill you now
If only you were close enough
Track Name: A Walk Into The Light
I can feel this going through me,
it's like a painful ecstasy
Not quite sure what to think,
Am going to get ahead or sink.

You see the look in my eyes,
Together I know we will die,
Step by step in the right direction,
You are my perfect reflection.

Things always seem stuck in a rut,
But now is the time to get unstuck,
I will hold on to you as you to me,
Together only we truly can see.
And I hope you know what this means,
This is a world meant for extremes,
We must work together and unite,
Stand together to the final fight

Why did we abandon the good we had?
Couldn’t we just remove the bad?
A final step, a chance at hope,
As we hang by the rope.

The end I hope draws so near,
The path I see becomes so clear,
Take my arms and draw me in,
Somewhere I have never been,
The sea threatens to take me in,
I will shed my skin of sin!
There will never be another place for me,
I'd rather sink in this endless sea

I can feel this going through me,
it's like a painful ecstasy,
Not quite sure what to think,
I know all we’re gonna do is sink,
You see the look in my eyes,
But did you know we would die,
Track Name: Victory Is Not Won By Saint's Kid
Sages and saviors
They're all charlton's behaviors
Name's given
To the deceptions
The grand spell
Cast over us all
A final inception
Your shattered reflection
The shadow has been
Spun right into your soul
Like a spider creeping
Out of control
Our hopes are sleeping
Not like they were ever real

We all look for compassion in this broken world
But we only see obsession
There is nothing left to find

We have it in ourselves
To call upon a world
outside of our own
But we have been lied to

A material machine made existence
A tragedy,
Greed reflecting our fallen state,
For inside of us all,
Is the potential to create,

We could be whole, we could be divine,
We could cherish and make whatevers in our mind
There is potential there is so much more
Then what’s in front of our gilded eyes.

Attempt to brand us by our failures
But then liberate us by our desires
That's the way of our machine
Can we ever be forgiven?
Is to always purchase our soul's apathy away
What do you really think you know about
Our designated direction of consumption

Will we let ourselves be consumed by these mind games
That we half play on ourselves in a state of apathy and disdain
If we continue at this place we'll never find a solution
Unless we attempt to best ourselves there'll be no resolution
And I'm not pointing no fingers, I don't got no answers
But I know that there is a solution if we just open our eyes
Track Name: The Next Generation
Flickering, and smouldering
As they billow, threatening
To swallow those
Who expose, within a distance
We watch the buildings burn
The flames grow so high
But how could we know
They’d be so illuminating
To the shallow lives

I'm living in a dream of fire
A paradise of desire
Memories of an inferno
A tragedy, turned into a masterpiece
Were we always meant to immolate
We were always meant to burn away

It’s funny the way we twist our nostalgia
Our remnants of a great past
The way in which we castrate
As it lays bare in front of me now
This is the life I’ve lived
On the edge of a society
I barely recognize
As I cling on to my humanity
Raging against the chaos
The chaos of the law
On the fringe of insanity
Is this where I belong?
We were once so fierce,
But now we’re just sparks!

A dream of flames
A palace of danger
As the embers burn harder
I feel an eternal energy
Rushing through my veins
Releasing the pain!
What do I have to gain?
Except to be consumed!!!

I am the face, the face of the blaze
Let it flicker, twist, and burn