A World Covered In Ash EP

by Jenova Project

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A World Covered In Ash EP is a companion piece to The Shadowalker LP. Most of the tracks were recorded around the same period of time (2007-2011), and follow a similar set of musical and lyrical themes. They are not to be considered b-sides, as their level of quality matches that of all previous Jenova Project releases. Their lack of inclusion in the original album was for fluidity of track order, and though the release could be considered a companion to The Shadowalker LP, it is also stand-alone in it's experiance.


released July 25, 2015

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

Artwork digitally modified by Matt "theProphet" Smith

Released in partnership with The Infidel Netwerk artist, musician, and philosopher collective:

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Jenova Project Langley, British Columbia

Jenova Project has been around since 2005, going through many incarnations and band lineups. However the only stable and consistent member has been theProphet, who has dictated the vision and story of the project since the beginning. Detailing an epic story that takes place over billions of years, it all starts with a journey to save the human species... leading to all of mankind's eventual doom. ... more

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Track Name: Pig
Kill me the way,
That I thought you,
Should always do,
Bleed me out,
Like a stuck pig,
Born to be crucified,
Spirit torn from flesh,
I am your sacrifice.

What do you take me for?
I am not your dirty fuck whore,
But why do you think that you,
Should have the right to take me apart.

Expectations run deep
But how much should it keep
Can we live without putting in the needles
Of regret
So deep
Into everything that once stood for the I
The shattered remains

Place this on like dirty filth
Be called the dirty pig pig pig
Like the mud that stains our very soul
We claim purity, oh but we like to be so dirty
Dirty dirty, in filth we bathe
Ready to be torn apart
By the maws of our own justice
Can we not accept the Gommorah
We will be here, in wallows of our despair
Before admit our inner disgust
Track Name: Slave
Just notches in the calander
You watch as they tick emptily away
Day after day leading into nothing
But how can you possibly care?
All we can do is try and recover
What we lost, but it's seems gone forever

An endless circle lost in this bend
Have you forgotten your purpose my friend?

Are you getting sick of worshipping false idols?
The only thing to give your hand is, is to you
Find the god within, there's so much for you to do
You just gotta find the strength within yourself

I'm not gonna wait for my deathbed to say
That you're all fucking sheep, so what you gonna be?
Are you gonna forgive
And move past your fate
Or accept the taste of venom
And set up your shields of faith
Will you bask in your ignorance
And die with a blank expression on your face

I've been living in damage control
For so long, I don't even know if I got a soul any longer-
I inhale and then exhale
Hoping to stop the spinning
But I know that this is only the beginning
Of this torture, that has become daily!

But I don't let this stop me
This is the path to totality
And nobody said it was gonna be easy
Track Name: Paranoia
Track Name: Delusions
Things spiraling out of control,
Like words lost in space,
Becoming a little less defined,
Delusions are making up my mind,
I can't hold on to this anymore,
Hollowed out to the core,
I am just looking for a way out,
Sometimes you just need to shout.

I'm starting to loose control,
I swear this can't be normal,
Weird voices speaking to me,
Telling me they want to be free,
Why do I have to be this way?
Lost in insanity...

Shit for a god, no one to find,
I will always be behind,
No one to depend on,
No where to go,
This is my all time low,
And what do I have to show?
I really just do not know,
I'm spinning out of control!
I'm starting to loose control.

I swear this can't be normal,
Weird voices speaking to me,
Telling me they want to be free.
Things spiriling out of control,
Like words lost in in a mind space,
Things have becoming a little less defined,
My delusions are making me loose my mind,
I can't hold on to this anymore,
I will not become insanity's whore,
I am just looking for a way out,
I just want to fucking shout!

Live... life... low...
Nowhere to go....
Life... life... low...
Nothing to show...
Live... life... low...
Loosing control...
Live... life... low...
Time to go...

I'm starting to loose control,
I swear this can't be normal,
Weird voices speaking to me,
Telling me they want to be free,
I'm starting to loose control,
I swear this can't be normal,
Weird voices speaking to me,
Telling me they want to be free.
Track Name: Bloodsucker
The son of a whore,
I was never destined for much,
Little did I know, so early I would brush with death
Now only but a few feet deep,
In this shallow grave I lay,
What did I do to deserve this undeathly state

I am the fallen
I am the damned
I am one of the undead
Now I must always be fed

I played the shadows game,
Dreaming of another age,
Now I’m trapped within hold,
Forced to succumb to my rage,
Warrior of an ancient ideal,
Now I’ve lost my soul,
Nothing left of my hope,
I’ve become unnatural

We are the fallen,
We are the dead and damned,
We are the taken and undead
And now it’s time for us to be fed!

Bleed in the shadows,
You are just prey,
The immoral sustenance,
Revealing your decay,
The shadows are our allies,
Where the devil’s game we play,
Sleeping in the chapel,
Hiding in the day,
Where god cannot find us,
We will stay.

We are the fallen,
We are the dead,
We are the taken,
We must be fed!
We are the fallen,
We are the beast.
We are the taken,
It’s time to feast.
Track Name: A World Covered In Ash
Start with a question
Can you even see
Or are you just an echo now?
Lost to repression
Inside depression
Can we be set free

Counting down the days
Getting harder to attempt to be
Something you just ain’t supposed to be

Why do we crucify
Ego to this internal state
Succumbing ourselves to decay
Giving fake salvation only to others
As they laugh at our ruin

Look deep into the mind
You would only see wastelands
Walk the corridors of desolation
I am not your savior
Only a false prophet in disguise
The only savior
Is within

What’s in store for thee
Have you been led down this path of deception
The only route, you were going to go
So why wasn’t their a change?
In this momentary state
The choices become aware
The patterns begin to unravel
And the avenue of desire becomes real
You may not like it
It may scar your eyes
But the truth is always the divine